Carenabrís America III

Carenabrís America III

The America II screen has its own personality, like your motorcycle. Specially designed by Puig for custom and Harley models, this accessory will bring character and transport your rider to American lands.

In addition, with its measurements of 56cm high and 56cm wide you will ensure comfort in higher gears. Improving the aerodynamic capacity of your motorcycle by drifting away wind and inclement weather, it also protects you from any impact from loose elements on the road.

It is manufactured in 4mm thick acrylic and the stainless steel finish guarantees the quality and durability of this piece while the chrome fittings give it the final custom touch. It is fixed to your motorcycle by 4 anchor points on the handlebar, thus reducing the movement while riding.

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Característiques Tècniques

  • 4 punts de subjecció
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