Customacces presents the new range of backrests and grills

The manufacturer from Granollers continues to work on improving the riding experience of your motorcycle and this time presents its range of backrests and grills for Custom motorcycles.

This concept, obviously does not go unnoticed in the biker world and it is increasingly common to find our streets littered with Heritage/Softail styled motorcycles. A style where what prevails, above all, is the aesthetics of the motorcycles.


In order to preserve this aesthetics and enhance this style’s comfort, Customacces has designed its new range of exclusive backrests and grills for the most outstanding models of the prestigious Harley Davidson brand.


In terms of backrests we find a wide variety, up to 9 models, with different characteristics depending on the needs of each user. The models available by Customacces are the following: Comfort Model Backrest, high backrest with padded cushion and steel construction with chrome finish. Wild model backrest, tube type in chrome and black finish with the possibility of removing the cushion. The Solo Touring Backrest, wide backrest for the rider which reclines and only good for Harley Davidson Touring with monkey seat or split double seat. Backrest Model only for the Electra line, it is a wide backrest for the rider only for the Harley Davidson Electra with monkey seat or double and it is adjustable to the desired height. Backrest Solo Softail model, backrest for the rider, Softail model for easy installation. Backrest Speed model, built with black tubing, wide cushion and the option to remove the backrest without any tools. Classic Model backrest, in tube with chrome finish, wide cushion and option to remove it without any tools. Luxus Softail Backrest, chrome or black backrest, included is the grill and has the option to recline and remove without any tools. And finally Luxus Sporster Backrest, chrome or black to choose from, grill included and the possibility of reclining or removing without any tools.


In the case of the grill, Customacces has the Nomada model available. This grill is made of stainless steel, specifically designed for the Harley Davidson Sporster. The user can choose between chrome or black finish and it is very easy to install to the motorcycle.