Frame Sliders Opie Model

The new Opie frame slider from CustomAcces will prevent the most superficial damages from a side impact fall.

Its design, in line with the retro style of the current custom models, fits with the models on the market but also with the more traditional ones.

The minimalist aesthetics of the Opie frame slider blends seamlessly with the chassis, avoiding the assembly of the old, large and poorly integrated metal fenders. In addition, its aggressive and robust silhouette provides security and character.

The CustomAcces team incorporates nylon blocks at the ends of the Opie protector to guarantee good impact absorption, avoiding scratches from sliding on the asphalt.

If you are concerned about a sudden fall or a direct hit against that area of your custom, you can mount more firm rubber rings. An element that will also allow you to customize the frame slider to your will, with different available colors.