New cargo travel bag for motorcycles Custom

The new travel bag AP0015N designed by Customacces has a capacity of 61 lts. thanks to its 54 cm high, 42 cm wide and 27 cm deep

Custom motorcycles are on the rise and every day there are more users who opt for this model when buying a motorcycle. It is a tough motorcycle that stands out mainly for its aesthetic image, a feature of vital importance for the riders of vehicles of two wheels.

Customacces is not on the side lines of this trend and to improve your journey, has designed a new travel bag for Custom motorcycles.

It is a bag made of thick fabric, with black and waterproof finish, which provides a great storage capacity to the motorcycle since it has a total transport capacity of 61L (54 cm x 42 cm x 27 cm). In addition, if that was not enough, there is the possibility of adding a small duffle bag on top of the bag. This last accessory will bring 17 lts. more capacity to your bike (21 cm x 37 cm x 23 cm). The two pieces fit together by means of straps with one click closure and the maximum height obtained with both bags is 74 cm.

This bag has an excellent finish with two large pockets on the front closed by buckles, one on the top and two on the bottom.

The upper pocket has divisions to store pens, wallets and even a mobile phone. The side portion has a double zipper to ensure the total closure of the pockets. Also on the side we can find a pocket at the bottom with buckle closure and the upper portion with a new pocket including  grid lining to see the stored contents. In case of wanting to hook more cargo, the bag has additional tensioners.

For rainy days, Customacces delivers a water proof cover for the bag and top bag as well. This cover is located in a zippered pocket at the top, next to the main handle.

As for the interior, we will find a totally unobstructed space. To distribute the load well, a separator is offered which allows the option to differentiate from two totally different spaces. On each of the of the interior compartments, we will find three pockets with grids of different sizes, where to store small objects.

To guarantee the stability of the bag and the safety of the load deposited within it, the bag has two lateral structures that run around its perimeter avoiding that the bag ends up distorted after a while.

As for the back, the bag has two metal bars to strengthen the structure of the piece. In addition, it incorporates a lining to be placed in the middle of the rear bars of the backrest and makes it possible to fix the bag with three straps.

In addition to the design, Customacces’ plan is to provide a functional touch to the bike and the driver, so the bag is offered with two handles to anchor them in the back and even improvise a backpack.