New range of Customacces mirrors

The Catalan manufacturer launches four new mirror models to “customize” your Harley Davidson to the max.

Empowerment of the motorcycle’s image and safety, these are the bases on which Customacces generates its new designs.

With such starting pattern, the Custom side of Puig has developed four new models of mirrors for this type of motorcycle in clear demand within biker users.

These are mirrors with Premium finishes, glossy or matte depending on the model and made of metal to ensure the durability of the product, in addition to protecting it from possible impacts. On the other hand, this metallic finish achieves a perfect aesthetic adaptation to the motorcycle.

This range is designed only for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The user can choose between the Street and Indiana models (replicas of the original American motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson); Dallas (mirror with rounded shape) and Star, depending on the design touch you want to add to each motorcycle.