Sant Louis saddlebag

Sant Louis saddlebag

Customize your motorcycle and add the ability to transport objects with the new Saint Louis saddlebags from Customacces. Elegant and functional, the Sant Louis saddlebags are made of high quality synthetic leather, available in black and measuring 4 mm thickness, will become your greatest ally during your ride, thanks to their dimensions (41.5cm long, 34cm long high and 17.5 cm wide) and its capacity of up to 15 Ltr. The load will remain secure due to its double buckle closure.

The Sant Louis model requires saddlebag holders for attachment to the motorcycle and includes a top handle for a comfortable transfer once removed from the motorcycle.

Models of Leather saddlebags

  • Vintage saddlebags
  • Sant Louis saddlebag
  • Detroit saddlebags
  • Barcelona saddlebag
  • Ibiza saddlebag
  • HD saddlebag
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Pair of saddlebags + Universal support
Right Leather Saddlebag with metal base
Left Leather Saddlebag with metal base
Right Leather Saddlebag + Right Universal Support
Leather Saddlebag with metal base right side and right fitting kit
Left Leather Saddlebag + Left Universal Support
Leather Saddlebag with metal base left side and left fitting kit
Saddlebags set with metal base + universal supports set

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