Vintage saddlebags

Vintage saddlebags

Discover the vintage saddlebags from Customacces. With a retro character to influence your motorcycle’s image, manufactured under an elegant line with a waterproof barbour style leather and fabric finishes, with inner lining and double buckle closure.
These saddlebags have a capacity of 8 ltr each, which measure 35cm long, 26cm high and 13.5 cm wide.

This design is meant to be installed in Custom or Café RACER models thanks to its classic lines. The user can decide whether to install one side or both.

Models of Leather saddlebags

  • Vintage saddlebags
  • Sant Louis saddlebag
  • Detroit saddlebags
  • Barcelona saddlebag
  • Ibiza saddlebag
  • HD saddlebag
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Right / left saddlebags
Pair of saddlebags + Universal support
Right Leather Saddlebag + Right Universal Support
Left Leather Saddlebag + Left Universal Support

Technical features

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