Footpegs HD

Footpegs HD

The pegs set for Harley Davidsons asks to maintain the philosophy and aesthetic language of a firm with its own personality. Customacces options seek to combine that image with your own custom concept, that is why we offer a wide range of up to five types of pegs.

All of them combine the use of chromed metal with a black plastic surface, so that its grip and cushioning are ideal. Its design and dimensions vary depending on the model, so that the client can choose the one that suits him best. All of them are installed by a female fastener with an 8 mm inlet hole.

The Class pegs are 104 millimetres long and 56 in diameter, but there are also extra-long ones such as 130 millimetres long by 22 inches in diameter. The Sport HD model is 110 millimetres long and 30.5 in diameter. For the Harley FXR 82-29 a specific model of 940 mm long and 400 mm in diameter is offered.

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