Rigid Suitcase Travel Model

Rigid Suitcase Travel Model

Finish up your motorcycle and do it with greater transport capacity with the new Travel rear case from Customacces.

Made of ABS, painted in gloss black and high quality finish, it will be shown as the best travel complement for your ride.
This case has a total capacity of up to 43 lts, space needed to introduce a full size helmet and other types of them.

The piece comes with specific supports, chrome-plated upper grill and the backrest, along with simple but visual installation instructions that will facilitate the fittment of the suitcase to the luggage rack or to our SM brackets. It is also possible to mount and adapt it to rear racks.

The case comes with locks. In case of any mishap and if the case gets damaged, Customacces has all kinds of spare parts.

Models of Rigid suitcases

  • Rigid Suitcase Be Good Model
  • Rigid Suitcase Travel Model
  • Rigid Suitcase Mercedes Model
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Rigid suitcase

All our rigid suitcases are compatible with our detachable and non-detachable racks

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