Rigid Saddlebags American model

Rigid Saddlebags American model

Add more storage capacity to your motorcycle with the American Customacces rigid top opening saddlebags. Made of ABS, highly resistant material against possible impacts and scratching, it will allow you to transport more luggage volume (22L) and keep it safe thanks to the functionality and strength of its material.

The Customacces saddlebags maintain the aesthetic line of your motorcycle thanks to its high gloss black finish.
The saddlebag is opened from above and comes with a built-in closure to guarantee the safety of the transported objects.

Both saddlebags can be mounted on the Customacces SV and KF-universal brackets.

Models of Rigid top opening saddlebags

  • Rigid Saddlebags Touring Model
  • Rigid Saddlebags Easy Model
  • Rigid Saddlebags American model
  • Rigid Saddlebags Silver model
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