Semifarings Burnout Model

Semifarings Burnout Model

Less is more. The Burnout CustomAcces semi-fairing is ideal for those looking to protect themselves from the wind current without losing the bike’s essence. Its design, simple but categorical, will achieve the desired effect.

The structure of the Burnout semi-fairing is made of black ABS, which combines perfectly with dark smoked polycarbonate. The headlight is exposed, while the speedometer will be protected from any impacts at high speeds. Despite its compact size, the rider will be able to reduce air resistance and improve its aerodynamic coefficient.

This way, you will be able to travel more miles without getting fatigued with the wind hitting your chest. As usual with CustomAcces products, installing the Burnout is simple and intuitive. It is available for 49 mm or 39 mm forks. In addition, you can acquire a quick support (optional) to be able to install and remove the semi-fairing in a matter of seconds.

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