Semifarings Jax Model

Semifarings Jax Model

Have you ever imagined traveling to the United States without moving from your garage? With the JAX Halfway you can imagine yourself crossing Route 66 on any of our roads. This piece will bring a dark and hooligan look to your custom, giving it an image worthy of any American road bar.

The JAX semi-fairing is made of black ABS material and manages to emphasize its character thanks to the dark smoked polycarbonate. One of its functions is to protect the headlight and the speedometer, but thanks to its design, you will be able to fit it in perfectly and improve the aerodynamic coefficient. By reducing air resistance you will be able to increase the miles without fatigue and enjoy the road even more.

The strength of the polycarbonate will prevent possible impacts of particles or loose stones on the road. As is customary with CustomAcces products, assembling the JAX is simple and intuitive. It is available for 49 mm or 39 mm forks. In addition, you can acquire a quick support (optional) to be able to install and remove the semi-fairing in a matter of seconds.

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