Semifarings Samcro Model

Semifarings Samcro Model

Traveling comfortably on your custom without compromising aesthetics is possible thanks to CustomAcces' Samcro semi-fairing. Its looks are inspired by the American Harley philosophy, with a strong and aggressive touch that will fit perfectly to your bike.

This semi-fairing is made of black ABS material and its architecture has been developed to redirect wind turbulence during the ride. One of its functions is to protect the headlight and the speedometer, but thanks to its design, it will fit perfectly and improve the aerodynamic coefficient. By reducing air resistance, you will be able to increase the miles without fatigue and enjoy the road even more.

The clear polycarbonate ensures a complete view of the road and offers superior protection against possible impacts at high speeds. As usual with CustomAcces products, installing the Samcro is simple and intuitive. It is available for 49 mm or 39 mm forks.

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