Sissybars plane detachables

Sissybars plane detachables

Flat sissybars built in stainless steel or black steel depending on the model. This type of sissybars features a quick release system to mount/dismount the sissybar in seconds with  a simple regulation but very comfortable and safe for the user.

It is delivered with a hardware kit and easy instructions to mount build it easily and quickly.

IMPORTANT:  The rack is not delivered with the sissybar.

We have spare parts for the sissybars. Check the spare parts section for flat detachable sissybars.

Models of Sissybars

  • Sissybars plane non-detachables
  • Sissybars plane detachables
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Sissybars plane detachables for Kawasaki VULCAN S 2016

Respaldo desmontable

Respaldo desmontable

Complements for Sissybars plane detachables of Kawasaki VULCAN S 2016


Not included with the sissybar.

  • Stainless steel REF. PP0001J 60 + IVA

  • Black REF. PP0001N 48 + IVA

  • Stainless steel REF. PP0002J 68.3 + IVA

  • Black REF. PP0002N 48 + IVA

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